Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in Mobility

The Project

“IDEM – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Mobility” seeks to enable student mobility in line with the recommendations included in the Erasmus Charter, the Commission Priorities and the goal of reaching 50% mobility for European university alliances.

Participants and Organisators are standing together on steps outside
Participants and Organisators are standing together on steps outside
Participants and Organisators are standing together on steps outside
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Many students are challenged with structural barriers that make it difficult for them to participate in conventional physical mobility programs such as Erasmus+.  Because of these experienced and expected challenges, many students do not even consider participating in mobility programs. When deciding to go abroad, these students often face limitations that diminish a fulfilling experience.

“Idem” is a Latin term meaning “the same” and that is the ultimate goal of this project: to give all students the same opportunities to enjoy a mobility program within europe, while recognizing and acknowledging individual needs and differences.

The student perspective is at the very core of IDEM. Throughout the entire duration of the project, the students’ experiences are incorporated into the development and design of the project results. Together we will make European student mobility more inclusive, more diverse and more equitable!

Project Results

Long-term Objectives

The long-term objective of IDEM is to increase the number of students with fewer opportunities taking part in mobility programs.

IDEM seeks to design concrete solutions and paths for these students, while at the same time anchoring the values of Diversity and Inclusion in the strategic mission of each partner university.

To reach this goal, the following four project results will be produced.

Mobility Model

IDEM will have an impact on both students and partner universities by piloting, testing and recommending a mobility model tailored to serve the needs of students with diverse backgrounds that will ensure chances of equitable participation in exchange programs for all students. This model will simplify the bureaucracy of the current exchange systems and help European Higher Education Institutions to adapt more agile systems, appropriate for long and short term, as well as blended mobility.

Inclusion Training

The Inclusion Training will impact the way university staff perceive disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages among student populations and will offer tools to address their needs regarding mobility. Inclusion Training stakeholders to support respectful and safe behavior, create knowledge and raise awareness to build an inclusive environment taking into account and respecting differences. Click here to access the results and more from the Inclusion Training.


Through the Bootcamps, IDEM will promote discussions and reflections on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity within the European Higher Education System. These three concepts are the foundation to help build community, foster mutual respect, and promote empowerment, visibility, validation and unity among students, faculty and staff. Moreover, the Bootcamps will stimulate an open inter- and intra-university discourse to learn from each other on how to establish truly democratic living, learning and working conditions at European universities. Click here to access the results and more from the Bootcamp.


Based on the results of the Training, the Bootcamps and Pilot, the Toolkit will outline best practices and emphasize recommendations that Higher Education Institutions’ administration and departments may adopt in order to effectively promote diversity and inclusion within their organization. Designing a Toolkit offering Higher Education Institutions comprehensive resources that will help them identify and include the different dimensions that should be embedded in thinking about and planning the institutions’ diversity and inclusion strategies.


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