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Project Team

The logo for Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya
Aaron Szczerba

“All students should benefit equally from European higher education alliances.
With IDEM, we want to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Benedetta Gennaro

“So far, IDEM has been able to unleash so much energy, both from colleagues and, more importantly, from students.
I am inspired by and thankful for all the enthusiasm and dedication our students have shown. Ad maiora!”

Baran Yeşilyurt

“IDEM has an exciting potential, which is very valuable with the contributions it offers to equal opportunities for all students, to make student mobility more diverse and inclusive than ever.”

Aalto University Logo
Hanna Liisa Hakala

“IDEM is a wonderful opportunity to develop inclusion / more equitable opportunities for diverse students to participate in Higher Education and mobility programs, a topic, I am truly passionate about! Very excited and thankful for this opportunity!”

The logo for Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya
Eva Vendrell Sarroca

“What I really enjoy about IDEM is that it is a very hands-on project. I love seeing in real life how diversity becomes a lever to foster the goals of the project.”

Xavier Rojo Poch

“IDEM is a great teamwork experience and the seed of a new vision on the university mobility programs at any level and for all groups.”

Universidade de Lisboa Logo
Cláudio Pina Fernandes

“IDEM brings me a challenge and an opportunity to get my hands on something I strongly believe in: equal opportunities regardless of our background.”

Carla Boura

“I believe that IDEM will bring inclusion and diversity to universities, by starting to build the path to true equity. It will make a difference in creating equal conditions and opportunities for underrepresented and minority students in Mobility Programs.”

Universidade de Lisboa Logo
Lucie Jiraskova

“Society can progress only if diversity is represented and honored. Our society is very diverse which is not always well represented in mobility. Universities must make an effort to make mobility accessible to all. The IDEM project has the ambition to contribute to this goal and this is what motivates me to work on this project.”

Guillaume Thomann

“All students must have this chance to discover other culture from an experience in another country. The results of the IDEM initiative will allow to realise this student’s dream easier”

Valérie Navarro

“IDEM can help to change the way people think about inclusion, to share our best practice to allow all students, whatever their situation, to live this fantastic experience of the mobility.”

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