The IDEM project’s successful training in Grenoble (June 29-30, 2022) engaged 30 attendees from partner institutions. Through interactive sessions, it aimed to raise awareness, foster collaboration, and utilize Universal Design Thinking for inclusive mobility. Valuable insights emerged, guiding the project’s focus on enhancing exchange programs and advocating structural changes for underrepresented students. These outcomes will shape the IDEM project’s path toward a more inclusive international student exchange environment.

You can find the final report of this event and much more about it here.

IDEM’s debut Bootcamp in Barcelona united students and staff from partner institutions to address challenges faced by underrepresented students during mobility programs. Esteemed speakers, including Wim Gabriels and Martin Bogdan, provided valuable insights. Direct student input informed collaborative solutions aimed at fostering a more inclusive and supportive mobility experience for all participants, marking a significant stride toward IDEM’s mission.

For further information, including the event’s final report and more, please visit here.

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