Bootcamp 2

January 30th – 1st February 2024

hosted by ULisboa

IDEM’s second Bootcamp is coming up from January 30th to February 1st in Lisbon, where we’re excited to meet our partners and participants. The focus will be placed on enhancing inclusivity and Psychological Safety in student exchanges, with an emphasis on collaborative learning and shared experiences.

Day 1: Experiences in Student Mobility Shared

The bootcamp begins with experiences in student mobility being shared by participants. A real understanding of the various experiences, both positive and challenging, is sought, with a mix of data and personal narratives. This session is designed to provide a comprehensive view of student mobility from multiple perspectives.

Day 2: Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Inclusivity

Focus will be placed on collaborative brainstorming to generate innovative ideas. Discussions will be centered on strategies for making educational environments more welcoming and safe. The day will involve conceptualizing a toolkit aimed at fostering inclusivity and support on campuses.

Day 3: Formulating Strategies for Future Impact

The concluding day will be dedicated to the formulation of strategies for disseminating the insights gained during the bootcamp. An action plan, serving as a commitment to ongoing efforts in this area, will be drafted.

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