IDEM’s first Bootcamp

UPC Barcelona, 8th – 10th November 2022

IDEMS’s first Bootcamp was a total success! We are happy to have UPC Barcelona host this event for our students and staff of all partner institutions. Around 40 people were able to join us in action in Barcelona and actively participate to help staff and students better understand the challenges underrepresented students’ experience.

We appreciated the opportunity to speak with Wim Gabriels, who works at the Erasmus Student Network, Martin Bogdan, a Policy and Project Officer ACA, Josip Lusa (SALTO resources Center for Inclusion and Diversity) and Lucia Gennaro (University of Padua, Arqus Alliance), and learn from them and their experience and get some advice on how to support our students and help staff create a more inclusive mobility

We also had the chance to hear directly from some students about their difficulties and we are very thankful for their participation.

The IDEM Team has gained a deeper insight of the challenges that the students face while thinking about going on mobility and was happy to co-create with them suitable solutions for those challenges

IDEM’s Inclusion Training

Grenoble 29th and 30th June 2022

The IDEM Team is coming together in Grenoble for its planned Inclusion Training, where students, administrative staff and faculty members will learn about and exchange practices on how to support respectful and safe behavior, create knowledge and raise awareness to build an inclusive environment.

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